How DIY Home Automation Can Benefit You

Installing some DIY home automation features in your home can be a great benefit to any homeowner, as it provides incredible convenience and ease in your home. Home automation systems can control almost any feature of your home, and they can also provide ease in using and maintaining your home security system. However, while these benefits can be great for anyone, they are particularly enjoyed by those who are elderly or disabled. Home automation makes many menial tasks easier for the disabled, allowing them to avoid the strain or difficulty those tasks might otherwise necessitate. Here are a few ways that a DIY home automation system could be beneficial to you.


Having automated entry features can be a huge advantage to any homeowner. You can find these devices that can be manually installed onto your doors as well as on your door handles or locks. These automated entry devices often respond to a remote, much like your car’s remote. With a push of a button, you can unlock your door and have it swing open for you to let you inside or out. This can take the pain out of trying to open your door while your arms are full of groceries or luggage. It can make it easier for you to run in and out of your home quickly, and particularly if you’re running late on your way to work or an outing, as you can push the button on your remote and your door will both automatically close and automatically lock. Automated entry is also an incredible benefit to the disabled, injured, and elderly, allowing easy access to doors and locks without ever having to do more than lift a finger. You can even connect some of these devices to an app on your mobile device that allows you to control the entryways from there, eliminating the extra key remote you might otherwise have to keep on hand.


Imagine the comfort of having your driveway and walkway lights turn on automatically for you when you arrive home late at night. Imagine the simplicity of walking into your door and having the lights turn on simply because you stepped inside. Now imagine heading to bed and being able to pull out your mobile device, tap the screen a couple times, and have all of your home’s lights turn off from that simple control, minus your security light, of course, without having to make rounds to every light switch. Many home improvement stores sell motion-sensor light bulbs that will automatically turn on whenever motion is detected. You can also purchase special automated lights and light switches to install that allow you to control all of your lighting from a mobile app if you choose. This means no more tripping on your way to the bathroom at night or fumbling for the light switch if you forgot something downstairs.

Having automated lighting and entry controls can make your home more safe and more comfortable. It can help the elderly or disabled to feel more confident and capable in their own home, knowing that they can easily control these features without hassle or too much effort.

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