Remote Access for Your DIY Wireless Home Security System

A DIY wireless home security system can do you and your family a lot of good by protecting them from harm and by safeguarding your valuables and your possessions. Even more than that, your home is a place where you expect to feel safe, comfortable, and protected. It’s a place where you make and cherish memories that will last a lifetime with the people you love and care about the most. This is a place where you can be you through and through without ever needing to feel self-conscious or vulnerable, but when a home invasion or break-in occurs, all of those precious feelings can shatter right along with the window. A traumatizing and frightening event like that can destroy your sense of security and peace of mind, and it can even cause lasting fears and paranoia. A few pinched pennies from doing without proper home security simply aren’t worth the risk of those devastating effects.

Even if you can’t afford a professional home security system, there are things that you can do as a homeowner to DIY your way to stronger defenses and greater peace of mind. Some of them are simply safe habits and maintenance tasks like locking your doors at night, keeping your keys on your nightstand, or keeping your windows unobstructed by shrubbery or other yard obstacles. Other tactics involve a little bit of elbow grease, some home improvement tools, and some purchased devices that will give your home a larger buffer zone between you and threats of danger.

As you purchase some of these devices, you may want to consider the benefits of choosing to go wireless with your home security system. Wireless systems are actually much easier to install yourself than wired systems are because you don’t have to worry about running cables all through your house or using up every available outlet with your home security devices. They also have a number of convenient features that can save you valuable time and energy.

Consider the possibility of being able to control all of your home security devices from one remote location – your mobile phone or tablet. With a little bit of time and research, you can find DIY security kits that come with devices that are compatible with certain smart phone apps or programs that allow you to remotely control the devices. You can turn them on from the car as you’re pulling out of your driveway, and you can turn them off as you’re pulling in when you get back from errands or from work. Some can wirelessly alert you to low batteries so that you know when to change them or charge them, and most of them have the capability to alert you any time an alarm is triggered or something abnormal is detected. Wireless cameras are accessible from anywhere as long as you have your password memorized, and from a remote location you can check on your live feed or receive updates that recording has been triggered by movement. Some can even send you snapshots of someone arriving at the door so that you know who it is before you answer, or so that you know when your child returns home or leaves to go out.

In all, the options with wireless are extensive and incredibly beneficial. As you tighten the security of your home, consider the convenience that you could experience by choosing to go wireless.

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